Don’t Drink the Water

by: Woody Allen

Directed by: becca parker

s_899_mainA cascade of comedy and a solid hit on Broadway, this affair takes place inside an American embassy behind the Iron Curtain. An American tourist, a caterer by trade, and his wife and daughter rush into the embassy two steps ahead of the police who suspect them of spying and picture taking. It’s not much of a refuge, for the ambassador is absent and his son, now in charge, has been expelled from a dozen countries and the continent of Africa. Nevertheless, they carefully and frantically plot their escape, and the ambassador’s son and the caterer’s daughter even have time to fall in love.

Recommended for ages 10+ due to language, adult situations, and violence. (Why did it get this rating?)


Father Drobney: Andy Hoeckele^
Axel Magee: Carson Cerney^
Walter Hollender: Steven Miller^
Marion Hollender: Barbara Macko^
Susan Hollender: Maggie Cowling-Spring^
Commissioner Krojack: Chuck Mason^
The Chef: Michael Parker
Ambassador Magee: Craig Fowlkes^
Agent Kilroy: Mike Walker^
Agent Burns: Marty Snowden^
The Sultan of Bashir: Jim Willyard^
The Sultan’s Wife: Tami Collup Scheinman^ and Andi Wortel^
Yanis Kasnar: Greg Bradford^
Countess Bordoni: Lisa Cox^

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Creative Team

Playwright: Woody Allen^
Director/Fight Choreography: Becca Parker*
Set Design: Todd Pell^
Lighting/Design: Becca Parker & Paul Ingbritsen
Light Board Operator: Daniel O’Brien
Sound Design: Michael Parker
Sound Operator: Becca Parker*
Costume Design: Jackie Parker
Properties Mistress: Tami Collup Scheinman
Program: Linda Place
Publicity: Chloe Zeitounian^

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*Indicates current or former LAT Pro Company Member.
^LAT Debut