Intensive Program- FAQ’s

Thank you for your interest in the LAT Intensive Program! Below are some frequently asked questions. Check them out, and we hope you find them helpful.

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General questions

How do I apply?

You can apply online HERE.

The link to the application doesn’t work! Why?

Applications for the 2018-19 season will open December 11, 2017, and are due December 31, 2017.

Can I be in more than one Intensive track at a time?

Due to the immersive nature of the Intensive Program, and the time commitment involved, we do not recommend participating in more than one Intensive at once.

Who should apply?

Anyone high school age or older who is interested in developing skills to meet professional goals in theatre. This could be a high school student considered majoring in theatre in college, a college student or early career professional, or an adult looking to change career paths.

I don’t really have the time for all that production work, but I am interested in the workshops offered in the Intensives? Can’t I just take the workshops?

Yes! The Intensive program is free, but requires a huge time commitment for skill development, including production work. Many of the workshops included in the Intensive Program tracks are also offered as stand alone workshops for a nominal fee on a space available basis. Those are published on the LAT Website on the Workshops page.

What happens if I don’t like the advertised content of one of the shows on the season? Do I still have to attend?

Part of the focus of the program is to expose you to different types of theatre, and to give you a basis for evaluating a wide variety of work that you can apply to your own work as a theatre artist. We strongly encourage you to attend all of our productions. This also applies to high school students. We will examine requests to be exempt from productions on a case by case basis, but these types of request are strongly discouraged in the Intensive Program.

acting intensive

Do I have to audition for this program?

Yes! Everyone in the Acting Intensive track must audition and be accepted to the program.

When are auditions for next years program?

Audition dates are set once our upcoming season has been set. They are typically in early spring. Please submit your application by December 31, 2017, and you will be contacted regarding audition times and requirements.

How many actors are accepted?

This will change from year to year based on the shows on our season and the casting needs for those productions.

Can I still audition to be in the shows, or am I required to only be an understudy?

You are required to audition for all shows that have a role appropriate for you. This allows you to sharpen your skills in auditioning. If you are cast in a role, you are allowed to accept or decline the role.

Will I get performance time if I am an understudy?

Our understudies are guaranteed one performance.

Am I required to act as an understudy?

To understudy a role is a great way to grow as an actor. It allows you to observe other actors at work, and to continue to hone your skills in preparing a role. Being assigned to understudy roles is part of the program, and you will be expected to fulfill all requirements of the roles you are assigned.

Will I have only one role to understudy at a time?

As a working actor, you will often find yourself working on multiple productions at a time. To prepare you for this, you may asked to understudy multiple roles.

What workshops will I be taking?

Workshops vary and are offered based on the needs and interest of each company. You must take at least 2 per month, but all LAT Acting workshops are open to you as a member of the Acting Intensive Company.

How many productions am I required to work on?

You will either be cast in a role or assigned as an understudy for 4 of the 7 productions on our season.

Is there an age requirement for this program?

The age requirement for this program varies based on the productions that will be on our season. On seasons where there is a show with an 18+ age requirement, all actors must be 18 years old prior to the start of the program. On other seasons, high school actors will be considered.

Why do I have to work Front of House if I’m an actor?

In many smaller theatre’s actors may be employed as company members and will be asked to assist with Front of House when not on stage.

costume design intensive

Do I need to know how to sew already?

While basic sewing ability is helpful, it is not a requirement for this program. We can teach you.

Do I need to own a sewing machine?

It is helpful if you own a machine, but we can assist you with finding one if necessary.

Why do I need to be present for the performances?

Part of working in costuming is being able to assist with things such as quick changes, costume malfunctions, and costume building. Having a wardrobe person present is an important part of the show.

How many shows am I required to work on?

You are required to work costume crew on 2 shows, and to design one show.

Why do we have to see every show?

Seeing many different productions will expose you to many different types of costumes. This will provide you the opportunity to see how different designers work, and give you ideas that you can apply to your own work.

Directing intensive

Is there an age requirement for this program?

The program is recommended for individuals who have had prior experience in acting and theatre. A college level directing course is helpful. All applications are considered on an individual basis, with a strong emphasis being placed on professional goals and personal interview.

How many people will be accepted?

There are 3 spots in the Directing Intensive program.

Why aren’t the Directing Workshops offered as stand alone workshops the way the other tracks are?

The Directing Intensive track is unique, in that it is designed to encourage developing Directors to deeply reflect on the process of Directing a show. Because each workshop builds on information discussed in previous workshops, it is very difficult to offer these experiences to those not in the program.

dramaturgy intensive

What is a Dramaturg and what do they do?

Dramaturges perform the research involved with theatrical productions. They perform script and character analysis, research production practices for each piece, perform historical research, write program notes, and prepare education guides. These are just a few of the duties.

How many people will be accepted?

There are 5 spots in the Dramaturgy Intensive program.

stage management intensive

How many people will be accepted?

There are 3 spots in the Stage Management Intensive.

Why do I have to work front of house? I thought Stage Managers work backstage?

In many smaller theatres, as a stage manager you will have to work with the front of house to keep backstage running smoothly as the audience is coming into the theatre. It will be helpful to you to understand what is happening in front of house before a production and during intermission.

How many shows will I have to work on?

You will be assigned to 5 of the 7 productions on our season.

technical theatre intensive

Is there an age requirement for this program?

The program is designed to be an outlet for high school students and adults to explore backstage operations, design, and technical theatre. Younger students should contact the Artistic Director if interested.

There are age requirements for certain parts of the program (power tools, ladder use) that are based on our insurance requirements.

Can I focus on just one area (i.e. set design, lighting design etc).

We plan to offer Intensive programs that focus on each area of design separately in the future as we grow. The Technical Theatre program is designed to provide participants with an overview of all the areas of technical theatre, so you will be participating in all of them.

Is there an opportunity to design shows?

Depending on the needs of our season, there may be an opportunity to design or assistant design a production.

How many shows do I need to work on?

There will be 7-10 load in and strike days that you will be required to be at. These are almost always on a Saturday or Sunday during the day.

You will also be assigned to crew 2 productions. Crew is asked to attend rehearsals during tech week and all performances (8).