LAT Ambassadors

Our LAT Ambassadors are an important part of LAT

Ambassadors Program

The program runs from January 1-December 31. Every month, our 20 Ambassadors receive two emails. Each email contains information about a topic pertaining to Live Arts. Ambassadors then complete a challenge to further their knowledge of LAT programs and share their knowledge with friends and family.

All Ambassadors receive a one-year membership to Live Arts Theatre.

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Past Ambassadors

James Hilton Burke 2016
David Vahedi 2016
Meredith Jones 2016
Rick Chandler Bragg 2016
Edward Thompson 2016
Andrea Hermitt 2016
Randall Avery 2017
Daniel O’Brien 2017
Bill Pacer 2018
Jeffrey Liu 2019
Blair Sanders 2019

Katie Bates 2016
Michael Parker 2016
Colin Pearce 2016
Jordan DeMoss 2016
Heather Murray 2016
Andre Eaton 2017
Bethany Bing 2017
Brian Donegan 2018
Melissa Maute 2019
BJ Barrett 2019
Jordan Hermitt 2019

TJ Sanson 2016
Kerry Fetter 2016
Chitra Sampath 2016
D Norris  2016
Hernan Leon  2016
Minnie Tee 2017
Lee Jones 2018
Dawn Davridge 2018
Matt Maute 2019
Tim Oliver 2019