LAT Family News

Once a member of the LAT family, always a member of the LAT Family.
This page is dedicated to keeping up with the news and events of those who may be temporarily away from our stage, or who have moved on.

Video of the Week: Choreographer Amber Franek (Cabaret) performing with Fuerta Dance Company of Atlanta GA.


Design Fellowship- Hangar Theatre, Ithaca NY
May 29-August 18, 2017
Featuring the work of: Jordan Hermitt

Blackberry Daze– Horizon Theatre, Atlanta GA
July 25-August 27, 2017
Featuring the work of: Spencer Estes

Footloose– Parkway Playhouse- Burnsville, NC
August 5-19, 2017
Featuring: Mike Yow

Cabaret– Serenbe Playhouse- Chattahoochee Hills GA
August 8-September 3,2017
Featuring the Work of: Spencer Estes and Sarah Struck

The Uprooting– Academy Theatre- Hapeville GA
August 11-24, 2017
Featuring: Jordan DeMoss

Sordid Lives– Vineyard Cafe and Dinner Theatre- Marietta, GA
August 12-27, 2017
Featuring: Peggy Marx

The Hollow– Autumn Players- Asheville NC
August 18-20, 2017
Featuring: Mike Yow

My Fair Lady– Atlanta Lyric Theatre- Marietta GA
August 18-September 3, 2017
Featuring: Barbara Macko

Savannah Sipping Society– Players Guild at Sugar Hill- Sugar Hill GA
September 8-22, 2017
Featuring: Marty Snowden

August Osage County– Lionheart Theatre- Norcross GA
September 15-October 1
Featuring: Katie Bates and Jeff LeCraw

Three Ladies of Orpington– Onionman Productions- Chamblee GA
October 13-29, 2017
Directed by: Scott Rousseau

The Rocky Horror Show– Venice Theatre, Venice FL
October 27-31, 2017
Featuring: Brian Craft

Out of This World– Players Guild at Sugar Hill, Sugar Hill GA
October 27-November 5, 2017
Directed by: Scott Piehler
Featuring: James Burke, Scott Piehler, Tamar Piehler, and Minnie Tee