LAT Family News

Once a member of the LAT family, always a member of the LAT Family.
This page is dedicated to keeping up with the news and events of those who may be temporarily away from our stage, or who have moved on.

Video of the Week: Actress Madelyn Greene in the latest Disney commercial!


Uranium 235– Magnetic Theatre, Asheville, NC
November 2-18, 2017
Featuring: Mike Yow

I’d Rather Be Dancing– Dance 101, Atlanta GA
November 17-19, 2017
Featuring: Dawn Davridge

A Christmas Carol– Lionheart Theatre, Norcross GA
December 7-17, 2017
Featuring: Evan Weisman, James H Burke, Robbie Summerour and Alex Johns.

It’s a Wonderful Life– Front Porch Theatre, Black Mountain NC
December 13-23, 2017
Featuring: Mike Yow