LAT Family News

Once a member of the LAT family, always a member of the LAT Family.
This page is dedicated to keeping up with the news and events of those who may be temporarily away from our stage, or who have moved on.

Video of the Week: Actress Madelyn Greene in the latest Disney commercial!


Blue Collar Hustle: Online
October & November 2018
Featuring: Shani Hawes (all episodes), Jordan DeMoss (Episode 4), D Norris (Episode 5)

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder: Buford GA
November 8, 2018
Featuring: Madelyn Greene

The Christmas Wayfarer: Staged Right Theatre, Lilburn GA
November 30-December 9, 2018
Featuring: Paul Franklin
Featuring the work of: Rick Bragg, Heather Estes, Spencer Estes

A Candle in the Window: New Dawn Theater, Duluth GA
December 6-23, 2018
Directed by: Sherry Ingbritsen
Featuring: Jeffrey Liu, Matt Maute, Melissa Maute

Miracle on 34th Street: Lionheart Theatre, Norcross GA
December 6-16, 2018
Featuring: Chandler Smith