Lively Awards

17-18 Lively awards were held August 25, 2018!

Congratulations to all of our winners!


Liam Davridge
Andre Eaton
Andrea Hermitt
Meredith Jones
Margaret Masak
Daniel O’Brien
Becca Parker
Michael Parker

The Show MUST Go on Award (selected by LAT staff):

Cal Jones

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:

Rodney Johnson: Evelyn in Purgatory

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:

Katie Bates: Much Ado About Nothing: Flipped!

Best Actor in a Leading Role:

Andre Eaton Jr: Fahrenheit 451

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Cat Roche: Evelyn in Purgatory

Excellence in Stage Management:

Jordan Hermitt: Fahrenheit 451

Best Director:

Meredith Jones and Scott Piehler: Fahrenheit 451
Becca Parker and D Norris: Evelyn in Purgatory

Best Set Design:

Becca Parker: Miracle on South Division Street

Best Lighting/Projections Design:

Cal Jones: Fahrenheit 451

Best Sound Design:

Scott Piehler: Fahrenheit 451

Best Costume Design:

Andrea Hermitt: Fahrenheit 451

Best Hair/Makeup Design:

Becca Parker and Bethany Oliver: Much Ado About Nothing Flipped!

Best Props Design:

Meredith Jones: Fahrenheit 451

Best Ensemble:

Evelyn in Purgatory

Volunteer of the Year:

Andre Eaton Jr

Lively Award- Individual:

Andre Eaton Jr

Lively Award- Organization:

Norcross Presbyterian Church

Favorite Play:

Evelyn in Purgatory