Lively Awards

15-16 Lively awards were held on August 27, 2016!
Congratulations to all winners!
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stock characters

(In the theatre, stock characters are those character types that appear in every show. We use this term to recognize and honor those in our LAT Family who have worked on every single production in some capacity over the past season)

Andrea Hermitt
Cal Jones
Meredith Jones
Daniel O’Brien
Becca Parker
Michael Parker
Frank Scozzari
Marty Snowden

The show MUST go on award: (selected by the LAT staff)

Josh Tyner- High School Confidential

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:

James H Burke- Children of Eden

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:

Shani Hawes- Children of Eden

Best Actor in a Leading Role:

James H Burke- It’s a Wonderful Life
Michael Parker- Children of Eden

Best Actress in a Leading Role:

Jordan Hermitt- Children of Eden

Excellence in Stage Management:

D Norris- Children of Eden

Best Director:

Scott Piehler- Children of Eden

Best Set Design:

Spencer Estes- It’s a Wonderful Life

Best Lighting/Projections Design:

Spencer Estes- It’s a Wonderful Life

Best Sound Design:

Scott Piehler- It’s a Wonderful Life

Best Costume Design:

Andrea Hermitt- Children of Eden

Best Hair/Makeup Design:

Stephanie Steele- It’s a Wonderful Life

Best Props Design:

Chitra Sampath- Children of Eden

Volunteer of the Year:

Andrea Hermitt

Lively Award- Individual:

Becca Parker

Lively Award- Organization:

Norcross Presbyterian Church

Favorite Play:

Children of Eden