Meet the cast of The Importance of Being Ernest (flipped)- Evan Weisman

evan weismanMr. Evan Weisman has been busy around the Greater Atlanta theatre scene. You may have seen him on stage with the Dunwoody Stage Door Players, at Atlanta Lyric Theatre, Aris, New Dawn Theatre, Company J. Academy Theatre, Northside Methodist Church, and Lionheart Theatre. He is playing Lady Bracknell in our flipped version of The Importance of Being Ernest.

We at Live Arts Theatre are enjoying working with and getting to know Mr. Weisman as we prepare for our fundraiser show. He is delightful edition to our family. We find him to have a clever sense of humor and to be a diligent and focused actor. Let’s get to know a little bit more about him:

Q: Is this your first show at Live Arts, and what other shows have you done with us?

A: This is my first show- my debut.

Q: What attracted you to audition for The Importance of Being Ernest?

A: This is my first opportunity to cross dress since I portrayed Queen Esther in my synagogues Purim Spiel.

Q: Name two fun facts about you:button-7

A: My parents wanted me to be an actor but I rebelled and became a doctor. I have performed stand-up comedy twice at the Punchline (Atlanta Comedy Club).

Q: What made you audition for a flipped show?

A: I like to get in touch with my feminine side.

Q: What is your dream acting role?

A: Herr Shutlz in Cabaret.

Q: What is your dream acting role flipped?

A: Ophelia (Hamlet)

Q: Why should audiences come see The Importance of Being Ernest, flipped show and fundraiser?

A: It should help take their minds off what is happening in Washington!

Q: Compare yourself to your character.

A: I am a left wing liberal. She is a right wing Tory.

Q: You’ve worked with a lot of theatres in the Greater Atlanta and Gwinnett county area. What drew you to Live Arts Theatre to audition?

A: I found out about the show on ATML (Atlanta Theatre Mailing List). I thought the theatre was doing an ambitious group of shows. I had been watching for a while, and I like a theatre that does unique shows and subject matter. I am most excited for Fiorello! It is an amazing old show that has been ignored. So, when I found out you were seeking people for The Importance of Being Ernest I thought it was a good opportunity to come experience the theatre. I think that this theatre, this year, has done some really interesting shows, and I will be back to audition for Fiorello!

16426456_10210784851152812_1764522483_nHaving peeked into the audition process for The Importance of Being Ernest, we can tell you that Mr. Weisman makes an oddly convincing Lady Bracknell.  We can’t wait for you all to see the show.

Our flipped show, The Importance of Being Ernest, is running only one weekend and it is a fundraiser as we prepare for our summer musical, Fiorello, which will finish out our “Death and Taxes” season. Be sure to get your tickets for The Importance of Being Ernest now!