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Tony watch party

It’s Tony time! Our annual Tony watch party will be June 11, 2017 from 7:30-11:30pm at the Duluth Taco Mac. We will have ballots at the event, so come on out and join us!

strategic plan

Our new proposed strategic plan is available for member review. The board will be voting on this plan, which will cover fiscal years 2017-18 through 2021-22, at their regular meeting on July 18. If you would like a copy of the plan, send an email to Becca Parker at All comments and suggestions can also be directed to Becca or Meredith Jones.

Upcoming Dates

Board Nominations open
LAT Work Day
Free Workshop day!
LAT Tony Party
24 Hour Musicals Project
Meet & Mingle at Taco Mac
Board nominations close
Last day to renew membership to vote in Lively Awards
Front of House Training
Board Voting Begins
Fiorello preview 8pm
Fiorello opens
Free Workshop Day
LAT Board Meeting
Board Voting ends
Fiorello closes
Lively Award nominations open
New board is announced
Audition workshop
17-18 Season auditions
Lively Awards nominations close
Lively Awards voting begins
Lively Awards voting ends
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