Members News!

announcing the 17-18 LAT Board

Our board has been elected. New to the board is Brandy Carter and Lee Jones. Ed Thompson was approved to finish the term, and Andrea Hermitt was reelected for another 3 year term.

Click here to meet our board members.

strategic plan

Our new proposed strategic plan has been adopted by the board and is available for member review. The board has voted to accept this plan, which will cover fiscal years 2017-18 through 2021-22, at their regular meeting on July 18. If you would like a copy of the plan, send an email to Becca Parker at All comments and suggestions can also be directed to Becca or Meredith Jones.

Upcoming Dates

Auditions- Miracle on South Division
Front of House Training
Preview- Bad Ideas
Bad Ideas opens
Bad Ideas closes
Taco Mac Night- Virginia Woolf
GTC Community Theatre Festival
Virginia Woolf opens
Front of House training
Audition workshop
Auditions- Beauty and the Beast
Virginia Woolf Closes

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