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board elections

That time is upon us! Ballots will be sent to your email on July 7, 2017. Please let Becca know by email if you do not receive a ballot. Voting closes on July 28. Becca’s email is

Candidates are:

Brandy Carter: (Term 2017-2020)
Current Occupation: Theatre teacher at Duluth High School

Brandy has been teaching Theatre at the high school and middle school levels for 15 years. She is the organizer of the annual Gwinnett Middle School Theatre Festival, Dramarama. Brandy’s passion for Theatre and Theatre Education extends beyond the classroom as she strives to include the community in various theatre projects. Brandy would love to be a part of the Live Arts Theatre Board so that she can continue to encourage love and appreciation for the art of Theatre in our Gwinnett Community. Most of Brandy’s community service has been through her school theatre programs where she organizes students and parents to visit and perform for retirement home patients, perform for local fundraisers such as the GCPS Book mobile, and other various community projects. Brandy has also taught stage make-up workshops at several of the Gwinnett County Libraries during the summer. This would be her first time serving on a non- profit board.

Andrea Hermitt: (Term 2017-2020)
Current Occupation: Owner of Ripped Seams.

Andrea is currently serving on the Board as co-chair, and has served on the board since 2015. This will be her second term serving. She is an Artist, a Writer, and an Education Advocate. She has blogged professionally for homeschooling and other informational websites for over a decade. She has also educated her own children in a way that heavily incorporated the arts. She found Live Arts Theatre through her love for costuming and set work, which is a wonderful application of artistic talents. She joined the board and wishes to continue to help further the mission of creating a community focused teaching theatre.

Lee Jones: (Term 2017-2020)
Current Occupation: English Professor at GA State University

Lee has taught English, including plays for 30+ years and has performed in at least one play every year since 2005. His dissertation deals with post-modern American drama. He is committed to expanding drama opportunities in Gwinnett County as the county grows nearer to 1 million people. He has served as a board member, program chair, and president of two professional organizations. He has also twice served on the board of neighborhood associations. He has served as dramaturg for several shows locally.

Edward Thompson: (Term 2016-2019)
Current Occupation: Government Contractor

Ed was appointed to the board in November of 2016, and is appearing on the ballot for members approval in accordance with our bylaws. He has worked in government contracting for 8 years and has always been active in community organizations of different types. He has lead multiple local civic organizations, all of which were non profit. His passion for theater has lead him from audience member, to actor, then to board member. He is excited to continue to serve on the board and build the theater even further.

strategic plan

Our new proposed strategic plan is available for member review. The board has voted to accept this plan, which will cover fiscal years 2017-18 through 2021-22, at their regular meeting on July 18. If you would like a copy of the plan, send an email to Becca Parker at All comments and suggestions can also be directed to Becca or Meredith Jones.

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