Adapted by Jack Neary


15175418_10210122713839793_630099336_nThis is a truly nutty and funny adaptation of the classic fairy tale, with a great, great role for a comic actor as the lead. Again, the Misdirected Theatre is involved, with Margaret, Ozzie, Larry, Cynthia, Jason and Warren the UPS guy all participating. This time, though, there’s no waiting for the Misdirected Players to show up. Margaret and her troupe have formed their own company, the Theatre In A Trunk players, and they are fully prepared to tell the exciting story. After a bit of comic difficulty convincing Jason to take part–he’s hiding in the audience–the players tell the story of the miller and his very, very pretty daughter who find themselves in the predicament of having to spin straw into gold for the haughty King who specializes in parodying show tunes. When a strange little man makes a deal to do the spinning–in payment for a number of things the miller’s daughter has to offer, the story takes off. Ingenue Cynthia takes the role of the very, very pretty miller’s daughter; Larry the stage hand plays her father, the miller; Jason reluctantly takes the role of the King; Margaret plays the hideously ugly castle wench; Warren the UPS guy tells the story, and Ozzie, the stage manager, gets the plum role of the little man who claims nobody in the kingdom knows his name. He is sadly mistaken.

Recommended for All audiences.

Dates: January 20-February 4, 2017
Location: Belfry Playhouse (downstairs at Norcross Presbyterian Church
3324 Medlock Bridge Rd
Norcross GA


Margaret (the artistic director): TJ Sanson
Warren (the UPS guy): Andre Eaton
Ozzie/Rumplestiltskin: Ellie Hodgson
The Millers Wife: McKenna Weinbaum
Cynthia/The Millers Daughter: Aissa Bailey
Jason/The King: JJ Jones
Margaret/The Wench: Syanna Bailey



Ellie20170108_144914Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 11.42.01 PM15228029_10154819089796388_893165968_n Rumplestiltskin-Syanna








Creative Team

Producer: Michael Parker
Director: Becca Parker*
Assistant Director: Bethany Bing+
Stage Manager:
Set Design: Becca Parker*
Costume Design: Andrea Hermitt
Lighting Design: Cal Jones
Sound Design: Becca Parker*
Properties:Bethany Bing & Becca Parker*
Program/Publicity: Meredith Jones+
House Manager: Bethany Bing+
Box Office Manager: Daniel O’Brien

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*Indicates current or previous LAT Pro Company member.
+Indicates member of LAT Intensive Program,