Second Samuel

By: Pamela Parker

DIRECTED BY: scott Rousseau

It was a simpler time in the late 1940s, especially in South Georgia and specifically in a sleepy little town called Second Samuel. What had been called the Great Depression was quickly fading into memory. The war had been won, the election was now over, and “Give ’em Hell Harry” was still president. It had been an exciting time for sure, but the folks in Second Samuel were ready for things to settle down and get back to normal. Except—this was the summer Miss Gertrude passed away, and deep dark secrets were about to be revealed. Nobody could have imagined how the death of one sweet little old lady would turn the entire town upside down, leaving everybody in Second Samuel wondering if anything would ever be normal again!

Recommended for:

Dates: October 26-November 10, 2018.
Location: Belfry Playhouse (downstairs at Norcross Presbyterian Church
3324 Medlock Bridge Rd
Norcross GA


Audition Information

Pay: All adult roles are paid a stipend.

Show Auditions:

August 16   7-9pm
August 18   12-4pm
August 21   7-9pm

Please prepare: A one minute comedic monologue. Be prepared to stay and read from the script.

B-Flat: (Male 14-18): The heart and soul of the play and of Second Samuel.  Considered “Simple” by the rest of the town… B-Flat is the moral compass of the community and  probably the wisest person for 100 miles. He should appear 14-18 years old.
Mary Sue: (Female 8-12 African American) Precocious 8-12 year old African-American child with a fly swatter.  Precocious is probably the understatement of the century… Omaha  calls her “Devil-Child?” NOTE: needs to be able to act like a Devil-Child…Not Be a Devil-Child!
Loo-Ray: (Female 30’s) Mary Sue’s frazzled Mother… got blinders on when it comes to her daughter.
Mr. Mozel: (Male 55-85) Local Hog Farmer, Mr. Mozel was born at the turn of the century… he has survived two World Wars and the Great Depression, as such he’s a little ‘onery about just about everything, as well as being a product of ideas about Race, Gender, and Color that dominated the early 20th Century.  Bottom Line – He’s got a heart… but he ain’t gonna let nobody see it! Mr. Mozel should appear 55-85
Doc: (Male 45-75) One of the town’s Elders… in fact… He who knows everybody’s secrets, has looked in all their closets, and knows where the bodies are buried…but, he ain’t telling!  Doc should appear 45-75 years old.
June: (Male 35-55) The town’s neurotic and a bit absent-minded undertaker… he knows how to embalm and bury a body… but is clearly out of his element with what he’s encountered! June should appear 35-55 years old.
Jimmy DeeAnne: (Female 25-35) The wife of the local Baptist Preacher, she’s the farthest from what you would expect in a preacher’s wife… vain, bitchy beauty queen, with an angel’s voice… she ain’t exactly evil… just… self-absorbed… completely. Jimmy DeeAnne should appear 25-35 years old.
Ruby: (Female 20’s) The assistant hair dresser at the Emporium… Ruby is sweet, plain and demure until she takes a well-deserved whack at Jimmy Deanne. Rubyshould appear under 30 years old.

The following roles will be cast “Age Appropriate” to a corresponding Character… for example… Marcella and Mansel are married… Omaha and Frisky are married as well.  In addition, U.S. has to appear a few years younger than Frisky… for that reason there is a wide range of acceptable ages in casting these roles.

Frisky: (Male) The best good old boy you’ll ever meet, Frisky owns the local watering hole / bait shop and is completely devoted to his wife Omaha (even though he doesn’t like to show it in front of the guys)  From a well-to-do family, Frisky was basically raised by US’s momma, and considers US a brother.
Omaha: (Female)The cute stylish owner of the Emporium… the local beauty shop.  Omaha’s heart as big as the entire south, and if she’s talking you’re not gonna get a word in edgewise, cattawampus, or any other way.
Manuel: (Male)A harmless redneck who tends to find trouble and likes to have a drink.  Mansel is married to Marcella and even though he “Gets” a lot… he gives as good as he gets…
Marcela: (Female)   A good-natured, hard-working country woman who’s relationship with her husband Mansel, defines the old phrase, “which came first… the chicken or the egg?”  The question is… Was Marcella being crazy drive Mansel to drink… or did Mansel’s drinking make Marcella crazy?  Either way, she’s determined to make a “Good Man” out of Mansel.
U.S.: (Male, African American) A diligent, hard working, soft-spoken African-American man… If B-Flat is the moral compass, then US is the pilot, quietly guiding Second Samuel in the right direction.

 Creative Team

Director: Scott Rousseau
Assistant Director:
Stage Manager:
Set Design: Scott Rousseau
Costume Design:
Lighting Design: Andre Eaton*
Lighting Technician: Patrick Bing+
Sound Design:
Properties: Becca Parker*
House Manager:
Box Office Manager:





*Indicates current or previous LAT Pro Company member
+Indicates member of LAT Intensive Program
^LAT debut