A Heart Divided

Playwrights: Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld

Royalties: Dramatic Publishing

Synopsis: The Confederate flag. A historical icon or a racist symbol? This thought-provoking and gripping play sheds new light on a controversy that continues to divide our national heart. When Kate’s liberal-minded family moves from New York City’s suburbs to a small town outside of Nashville, Kate is convinced her life is over. Redford, Tennessee, is as Southern as it gets—the local diner serves grits and sweet tea, country music rules the airwaves and the Confederate battle flag waves proudly over the courthouse square. Then she meets the handsome and talented Jackson Redford III, scion of the town and embodiment of everything Dixie. Jack shows her the beauty of his Southern roots and Kate begins to appreciate her new home. But a petition to replace the school’s Confederate flag insignia gains Kate’s support, and soon Kate and Jack—and their families—find themselves pitted against one another in a bitter controversy: not just about the flag, but about what it means to be an American.

Rating: Language- 10+
Adult Content- 10+
Violence- 13+

Pay attention to: There is a school shooting at the end of the second act. Show deals with racial topics.

Flexibility: Cast includes 6 characters. Expansion is already approved.

Production notes: DVD of projections is available for rental.