Around the World in 8 Plays

Author: Patrick Greene and Jason Pizzarello

Royalties: Playscripts

Synopsis: Travel around the world and explore forgotten myths and unusual legends in eight fast-paced and hilarious tales. Guided by a band of roaming gypsies, the audience is transported from the ancient Far East, where a hero must kill a giant centipede to save a dragon king, to the Russian countryside, where a poor orphan must defeat three witches who stole his grandfathers eyes. Always quirky, and sometimes bizarre , these eight tales are filled with magic, mystery, and morals.

Rating: Language- All audiences
Adult Content-  10+
Violence- 10+

Pages to pay attention to: p12 (mild adult reference), The Lost Beads (3 sisters get eaten)

Flexibility Notes: Very flexible with casting. Production notes allow for adaptation of lines to make them fit your production.

If lines/references are changed, the script can easily be appropriate for all ages.