Biloxi Blues


Playwright: Neil Simon

Rights: Samuel French

Synopsis: When we last met Eugene Jerome, he was coping with adolescence in 1930’s Brooklyn. Here, he is a young army recruit during WW II, going through basic training and learning about Life and Love with a capital ‘L’ along with some harsher lessons, while stationed at boot camp in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1943.


Language: 16+

Adult Content: 16+

Violence: 16+

Pay attention to: Language is severe throughout the play. Many religious, racial, and ethnic slurs are used. The push up scene (Act 1 pp18-20). The virginity scene (Act 2 pp56-58). Toomey/Epstein scene starting on p77. There is a kiss on p87.

Flexibility: All changes must be approved in advance. Neil Simon typically does not approve changes to his plays.

Production notes:  Carney needs to be able to sing. There are multiple needs for fight choreography (including one where Toomey is disarmed of a gun by Epstein. This scene starts on p77). The men walk around in their underwear.