Common Audition Questions

Thank you for your interest in auditioning with Live Arts Theatre! Below are a few of the most common questions we have about auditioning.

do i need any experience to audition for live arts theatre?

No!! We have an open audition policy, which means anyone can audition for just about every Live Arts show! Occasionally, due to production content, there may be an age requirement.

what do i need to bring with me?

We will ask you to bring a headshot and resume if you have one. If you do not, don’t worry, it’s ok. We will also ask you to bring a list of conflicts with you. We create our rehearsal schedule with these conflicts in mind, so it’s very important to have all of your conflicts listed.

For a music audition, you should bring either sheet music or a CD/ipod with a track on it. Singing acapella (without accompaniment) is also acceptable.

For a dance audition, you will be asked to bring clothes and shoes you can dance in.

what is a submission and how do i do this?

A submission period is the time before auditions that you can submit your headshot, resume, and any other requested information so we can look at it before the audition. At Live Arts, this is also the time where you can schedule an audition time slot. This will save you waiting time on audition day, as we try to see those with appointments as close to the scheduled time as possible. You can submit your information and schedule an audition time by emailing your information to or calling 603-867-2200.

do i need to prepare anything?

For plays, we typically request a one-minute monologue. For musicals, we also will request you sing a short piece of a song.

how do i find material for an audition?

We can help you! Monologues are speeches found in plays, and you can do a simple Google search to find many others. Often, you want to select a monologue where the character resembles the role you are auditioning for. Songs should be something you know, are comfortable singing, and which show off your voice.

As we are a theatre, most of our directors prefer material from plays, however we have had people audition with material from film/television, popular books, and even material they wrote themselves. Check each audition notice for more detailed information regarding what the particular director is wanting to see.

When should i arrive?

You should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your audition time. This will give you time to park, find the audition area, use the restroom, and fill out any necessary paperwork.

what will i be asked to do at the audition?

You will arrive and check in with the monitor at the table. He or she will give you an audition form to fill out. You will attach your headshot and resume if you have them with you. When you are finished, all of that gets returned to the monitor, who will invite you to wait in our holding area until it is your turn.

When it is your turn, the monitor will call your name and show you into our audition room. You can expect to see the producer, director, stage manager, and possibly the choreographer, music director, and artistic director in the room.

You will deliver your monologue and song if needed. The director may ask you to read from the script, and the music director may ask you to sing either a song from the show or will do a few basic vocal exercises with you.

For productions which require dancing, you may also be taught a short combination by our choreographer.

what do i wear to the audition?

It is important to wear clothing that you are comfortable in. Most people wear nice clothing (think church clothes) for auditions. If you will be moving/dancing, many people bring dance attire for that portion of the audition. There are restrooms and changing areas available at the theatre.

We recommend proper shoes for dancing, and that long hair be tied back. We also require proper undergarments for dance auditions.

What is a callback and how will i know if i have one?

A callback is where a director needs to see you a second time, and you are “called back” to audition again. Often you are called back for a specific role, but not always. At a callback audition, you may be asked to read from the script, or sing a song from the show. Details will be given to you in the callback offer.

Everyone called back will receive either a phone call or email from the production team prior to the callback date listed on the audition notice.

I did not receive a callback. does that mean i’m not in the show?

No. Many actors are cast in our productions without being asked to attend callbacks. Not getting called back simply means the director does not need to see anything else from you in order to make a decision.

will i be paid if i am cast?

Live Arts is a professional teaching theatre, which means we blend seasoned professionals with performers that are developing their skills. Some of our roles pay a stipend, while others do not. You can find this information in every casting call we post.  Please note that you will never be asked to pay a fee to be in a Live Arts show.

how do i know if i have been cast?

Everyone who auditions will be notified. You will either receive a phone call or an email from someone on the production team. If you do not answer, they will leave you a message. Please note, the production team will try to contact you twice before publicly releasing the cast list.

how do i know what role to audition for?

We publish character descriptions for each role in our casting calls. You may audition for any role. You may also just put “Any” which allows our director to cast you as he/she sees fit.

i’ve heard that some of your shows involve things like swearing and nudity. how do i know if i will be asked to do these things?

Any parts of a show that would require an actor to do something that may make certain folks uncomfortable will be advertised clearly in the casting call. In addition, there will be a form handed to you at the audition, explicitly asking you what you are and are not comfortable doing. You will not be asked to do anything that was not advertised in the casting call, or that you indicated you were uncomfortable with.  Please note that being uncomfortable with certain aspects of a role may result in you not being considered for that particular role.

 I was not cast! can i still be involved in the show?

Absolutely! Unfortunately there are often not enough roles for everyone, but we still want everyone to be involved. We strongly believe there is a place for every person on every show at Live Arts. You can contact the stage manager of the production to inquire about any crew positions that may be available. You can also contact our Volunteer Coordinator to see about helping in the Box Office or Front of House.