February Readings 2019

February is project month at Live Arts! This year, we are featuring the work of the members of our Directing Intensive, presenting the Women of Color Project.

Join us for staged readings of these awesome, less heard plays. We will be reading each play on a different evening in February 2019, followed by a talkback session focusing on  the themes presented in the play.

If you would like to audition for the readings, please prepare two contrasting monologues.

TBA 2/7/18  8pm
Rehearsal: February 4 7-10pm
Directed by: Robbie Summerour+

In the Blood-  Suzan-Lori Parks 2/8   8pm
Rehearsal: February 5 7-10pm
Directed by: Becca Parker*

HESTER, LA NEGRITA- An African American woman with 5 children. Homeless.
CHILLI/JABBER- The father of Jabber. Jabber is Hesters oldest son.
REVEREND D/BABY- The father of Baby. Baby is Hesters youngest son.
THE WELFARE LADY/BULLY- Bully is Hester’s oldest daughter.
THE DOCTOR/TROUBLE- Trouble is Hesters middle son.
AMIGA GRINGA/BEAUTY- Beauty is Hesters younger daughter.
STAGE DIRECTIONS- Any age, male or female.

The role of Hester has been cast from our 18-19 Season Auditions.

Smart People-  Lydia R. Diamond     2/9  8pm
Rehearsal: February 9 3-6pm
Directed by: Andre Eaton*

VALERIE JOHNSTON – 24, African American.  Recently graduated A.R.T.  Acting MFA.
JACKSON MOORE – 28, African American.  Harvard Med School.  Surgical Intern on Rotation.
BRIAN WHITE – 36-42, White. Tenured professor at Harvard. Neuro-psychiatrist. Studies patterns of racial identity and perceptions.
GINNY YOUNG – 34-40, Chinese-Japanese American.  No accent.  Only speaks English.  Respected tenured professor of psychology at Harvard. Studies race and identity among Asian American women.
STAGE DIRECTIONS- Any age, male or female.

The roles of Valerie and Jackson have been cast from our 18-19 Season Auditions.

King of the Yee’s- Lauren Yee   2/10 2:30pm
Rehearsal: February 2 1-4pm
Directed by: Michael Parker

Lauren Yee (Female)
Larry Yee (Male)
Actor 1 (Male)
Actor 2 (Female)
Actor 3 (Male)
STAGE DIRECTIONS- Any age, male or female.

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enough- Ntzoke Shange 2/15/18  8pm
Rehearsal: February 10 9:30-12:30
Directed by: Andrea Hermitt+

All characters are female.

Lady in Brown
Lady In Red
Lady in Orange
Lady in Blue
Lady in Yellow
Lady in Green
Lady In Purple

The Language Archive- Julia Cho 2/17/18  2:30pm
Rehearsal: February 17 10:30am-1:30pm
Directed by: Nyssa Coffman+

GEORGE – 30’S-40’s, Male.  A linguist.
MARY- 30’s-40’s, Female. George’s wife.
EMMA- 20’s-30’s, Female. A lab assistant.
ALTA- 60+, Female. An old woman.
RESTEN- 60+, Male. An old man.
ACTOR 1- Any age, Male. Reads stage directions and other roles.
ACTOR 2- Any age female. Reads other roles.

In Love and Warcraft- Madhuri Shekar 2/21/18  8pm
Rehearsal: February 18 7-10pm
Directed by: Bethany Oliver*

EVIE- 20’s, Female. A 22 year old college senior.
KITTY- 20’s, Female. Evie’s best friend.
RAUL- 20’s, Male. One of Evie’s clients.
RYAN- 20’s, Male. Evie’s somewhat boyfriend.
ACTOR 1- Any age, Male. Reads multiple parts
ACTOR 2- Any age, Female. Reads multiple parts.
STAGE DIRECTIONS- Any age, male or female.

TBA 2/22/18  8pm
Rehearsal: February 19 7-10pm
Directed by: D Norris*

TBA 2/24/18  2:30pm
Rehearsal: 2/24/18 10:30am-1:30pm
Directed by: Andre Eaton*



Project Leadership

PRODUCER and member of the LAT 2019 directing intensive

Andrea Hermitt is an Artist, a Writer, and an Education Advocate. She has blogged professionally for homeschooling and other informational websites for over a decade. She has also educated her own children in a way that heavily incorporated the arts. She found Live Arts Theatre through her love for costuming and set work, which is a wonderful application of artistic talents. Andrea also serves on the Live Arts board of directors.


Becca Parker is the Founding Artistic Director of Live Arts Theatre. Becca is a teaching artist who is active at the local, state, and national level. Becca leads the Directing, Stage Management, and Dramaturgy Intensives.She founded Live Arts as a place for all, and is excited to be working with such an awesome team to bring this project to life.


Andre Eaton Jr is a graduate of Georgia State University. He received a taste of directing in the required directing classes for theatre majors where he directed scenes from Doubt, and Harlem Duet.  The majority of his experience with directing comes from acting in various show with a variety of different kinds of directors each with their own ways of working. He is excited to be directing on the LAT MainStage for the first time later this year, with The Book Club Play.


D Norris has been involved with performing, directing, and choreographing locally for a number of years. You may remember D as Cecil in Stealing Home, or as Dracula. When not at the theatre, you can find D teaching salsa dance.


Bethany Oliver

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Nyssa Coffman
member lat 18-19 directing intensive

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Robbie Summerour
member lat 18-19 directing intensive

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Michael Parker
Guest director

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