Mission & Vision


Live Arts Theatre is a community focused teaching theatre, where amateurs are paired with experienced professionals to produce challenging theatrical work which engages, educates, and entertains. We strive to improve quality of life in Gwinnett County through education and outreach; supporting and collaborating with other organizations that promote growth and enjoyment through the performing arts.


Our vision for Live Arts Theatre is based on the following values:

Engagement: Live Arts Theatre seeks to engage our community by presenting classical and contemporary works that stimulate discussion and action.

Education: Live Arts Theatre provides theatre and arts education to all ages in order to promote life long learning and to cultivate a love for the arts.

Entertainment: Live Arts seeks to produce theatrical works that will entertain our audiences.

Community Service: Live Arts Theatre seeks to be an integral part of the Gwinnett community by both providing opportunities for members of our community to get involved with improving our community, and by partnering with other local organizations committed to doing the same.

Innovation: Live Arts is committed to stimulating growth in both the theatrical and artistic community. We do this by promoting new works, and providing a safe environment for the artistic community to explore and experiment in.