The Art of Remembering


Playwright: Adina L Ruskin

Rights: Dramatists

Synopsis: Three actresses embody different facets of a young woman who returns home to bury her father. While there, she cleans out her closet, and as she rediscovers objects, memories come tumbling out. Touching on stories as diverse as a feisty Polish-Jewish émigré taking America by storm, an Argentine who stands against his country’s repression, and a woman who witnesses the fall of the Berlin Wall, THE ART OF REMEMBERING reminds us of the beauty of life and the importance of our past.


Language: 10+

Adult Content: 10+

Violence: All audiences

Pay attention to: This is a 37 page, one act play.

Flexibility: All changes must be approved in advance.

Production notes: 3 women can be any combination of ethnicity, body type, and age. The three women are various aspects of the same person. Costuming is simple, and needs to play up the fact that all 3 women embody different characteristics of the same woman. Reba needs to be able to do a cartwheel (p28).  Movement and voice are very important to this play.