The Roommate

Playwright: Jen Silverman

Rights: Samuel French

Synopsis: Sharon, in her mid-fifties, is recently divorced and needs a roommate to share her Iowa home. Robyn, also in her mid-fifties, needs a place to hide and a chance to start over. But as Sharon begins to uncover Robyn’s secrets, they encourage her own deep-seated desire to transform her life completely. A dark comedy about what it takes to re-route your life – and what happens when the wheels come off.


Language: 16+

Adult Content: 16+

Violence: All audiences

Pay attention to: A French accent is used.

Flexibility: All changes must be approved in advance.

Production notes: Play takes place in A big, old house in Iowa City during the summer (Scenes are mostly in the kitchen but the porch is also used). Characters smoke a joint on stage, Robyn grows weed and the plants are shown, There are a box of ceramic dolls (some of which get broken and contain little bags of coke), A voicemail message is played towards the end of the show. A gun is needed and handled by the characters, but never used.