Theatre History

Live Arts Theatre was originally founded as County Seat Players in 1993. The organization began for the purpose of bringing quality live theatre to Gwinnett County. This makes us one of the oldest community theatre groups in the county. The company has averaged about four productions each year since inception and has a history of performing both full length plays and musicals. This tradition continues to this day.

We have conducted our theatre business in a rather nomadic fashion over the years performing in whatever small space someone would let us borrow. Some of our past endeavors include dinner theatre at Vines Botanical Gardens and The Flying Saucer Retro Cafe.

In 2010, changes within the community necessitated changes for the theatre as well. The group moved from Lawrenceville, the county seat of Gwinnett, and began seeking a new location and new audience. Given that the group was no longer in the county seat, the name was changed to Live Arts Theatre.

Since 2010, we have continued to operate in nomadic fashion while seeking a permanent location. We have performed in venues such as New Dawn Theatre, Fifth Row Center, Make It Loud, Pickneyville Park Recreation Center, Gwinnett Place Mall, and Gwinnett Ballet Theatre. We are currently performing in Belfry Playhouse, located downstairs at Norcross Presbyterian Church. We invite you to come check us out!