Theatre Policies

Thank you for taking a minute to read some of our  basic policies. These policies were created to provide a positive experience for you and all of our guests.  If you have a question about one of our policies, please feel free to contact LAT Artistic Director, Becca Parker at 603-867-2200 or


In accordance with state and local laws, alcohol is not permitted in any area of Live Arts Theatre.


Service animals, as defined by the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) are welcome at Live Arts Theatre. The ADA defines a service animal as any dog (such as a guide dog) that is trained to provide a service for an individual with a disability. Service animals must be tethered at all times, and must rest in the seating area, not in the aisles. Because our theatre is small with general seating, we ask that you inform us prior to bringing a service animal to Live Arts Theatre, so that we may reserve a seat to accommodate you and your animal. Your animal must remain in your control at all times. In the case of animals that disrupt the performance, pose a safety risk to our staff and patrons, or that are not housebroken, the guest may be asked to escort the animal out of the building.

backstage access

For the safety of our cast, crew, and guests, only Live Arts staff, or cast and crew members involved with a production are permitted to be backstage or in the dressing rooms.


Due to the small size of our theatre, for the safety of all of our guests, all bags must fit completely under your seat.


Cameras (photo and video) are not permitted to be used in the theatre without written permission from the management.

cancellations/inclement weather

It is very rare that a Live Arts event will be canceled. If weather is a factor, check the Live Arts website or call 603-867-2200 for the most up to date information. All ticket purchases are non-refundable.

cellular phones and electronic devices

For the safety and comfort of our actors, crew, and those seated around you, we ask that you silence all cell phones and electronic devices, and refrain from using them during the performance. Failure to comply with this request may result in your being asked to leave the theatre.

code of conduct

We ask all guests to be respectful of others around them. Any guest who interferes with the enjoyment of another individual during an event is subject to ejection from the building. During performances, we ask all guests to remain seated and quiet for the duration of the performance. Standing or climbing on seats or any other building structure is not permitted and may result in ejection from the theatre. Please do not touch our actors unless directly invited to do so.

first aid

A first aid kit is available at the box office.

late seating policy

For the safety of our actors and other patrons, guests who arrive late are seated at the discretion of the House Manager, and may not be seated before intermission.

lost and found

Any items found in the building are placed in the box office. Cell phones, purses, and other items of value are locked in the Artistic Directors office. To inquire about lost items, call 603-867-2200.

lost tickets

If you misplace your tickets, simply contact the box office at 603-867-2200 or

pre sale tickets

Pre sale tickets are discount tickets which are sold before tickets are released for purchase by the general public. They can be purchased at the box office during the preceding production, from any cast or crew members, or by invitation. Pre sale invitations are a benefit extended to our sustaining members. We invite you to become a member today!


Due to copyright regulations, recording (audio, video, or otherwise) of any kind is prohibited at all times.

show advisories

Live Arts Theatre strives to produce challenging theatre. Some of our shows may not be appropriate for our younger guests. We have developed a rating system to assist our guests with determining which of our shows would be appropriate for themselves and their families. You can find the age recommendations for each show on the show page. Live Arts Theatre is not responsible for the suitability of content in our productions.


For the comfort and safety of our cast, crew, staff, volunteers, and guests, smoking of any kind (including vapor and smokeless tobacco) is not permitted in the building at any time. You are permitted to smoke outside the building, provided you are at least 5 feet from any entrance and materials are properly disposed of.


Due to the size of our theatre, and in accordance with local fire and safety codes, strollers must be left out in our lobby, and may not be parked in the aisles at any time.

tickets and seating

Every guest entering the theatre, regardless of age must have a ticket. In most cases, children under 2 years of age will not be admitted.

ticket exchanges

There are no refunds on ticket purchases, so please make sure you select your dates carefully. Tickets may be exchanged up to 24 hours in advance by contacting the box office at

There is a $1 fee per exchange. Our members receive 1 free ticket exchange per year, and our Sustaining Members receive unlimited free exchanges. You are invited to become a member today!