Meet the director of The Importance of Being Ernest (Flipped)- Becca Parker

048editWhat can we say about Becca Parker, Live Arts Theatre’s Artistic Director?  At some point or another she has done all of the jobs that needs to be done around the theatre and then some.  And if she doesn’t know how to do something, she will find someone to teach her. She gratefully accepts (and solicits) help and most especially company when she is doing the work of the theatre, but her first and primary focus is getting stuff done. (So keep on the lookout for set build days!)  Becca holds a BM in Musical Theatre from Shenandoah Conservatory, and a M.Ed. from University of Phoenix. She’s been all over the country and done just about every job in theatre there is.

There is not show that Live Arts Theatre has presented that Becca hasn’t been part of in some way.  Recent credits include Dog Sees God (Lighting design/props/fight choreography), The Spoon River Project (Director), Children of Eden (Music Director), Hot L Baltimore (Costumes), It’s a Wonderful Life (Director), ReEntry (Lighting, Sound, and Projection design), Cabaret (Rosie/Lighting Design/fight choreography), Complete Works of Shakespeare (Director/Fight Choreography), Dorothy Meets Alice (Music Director), Dracula (Director/Fight Choreography). Outside of Live Arts Theatre, she has worked on Echos (Lighting Design, Atlanta Fringe), Song of Solomon (Original Cast Member, Atlanta Fringe), and Suessical the Musical (Music Director, Coleman Middle School). She is serving as the director for The Importance of Being Ernest (flipped).312803_253304671381980_1777720885_n

Let’s get to know a little more about Becca Parker, in her own words:

Q: Name two fun facts about you.

A: 1. I love building giant gingerbread houses. 2. I adore cheese in all varieties.

Q: What is your dream show to direct?

A: There are so many shows I would love to direct. I’m currently working on a concept for Jesus Christ Superstar. Keep an eye out for it in future seasons.

Q: Why should audiences come see The Importance of Being Ernest, flipped show and fundraiser?

A: It’s a funny, different take on a classic show.

Q: The full title of the show is: The Importance of Being Earnest, A Trivial Comedy for Serious People. How do you think that changes our approach to this show?

A: We are flipping the casting for the roles, but actors are playing the roles as seriously as possible. This makes it hysterical for the audience.

Q: What made you choose The Importance of Being Ernest for our flipped fundraiser show?

becca ernestA: Back in 2013, during our second season, we presented The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. As we rolled into performances, we wound up with a conflict one evening involving the actor playing Jack/Earnest, and the prom. I wound up having to go onstage for him. That evening, I was thanking my lucky stars that his costume would fit me, but I couldn’t find the pants that went with it anywhere. A quick phone call to the actor revealed that he had borrowed the costume pants to wear to the prom. One of our other actors looked at me and said “well, I wore black pants to work today…”. You know the old saying…the show must go on, and boy did it. Onstage I went, a woman playing the title role in a Victorian drawing room comedy, wearing a pair of pants approximately 2-3 sizes too large. The show went off well, and as I was returning the pants, the actor from whom I borrowed them said” so I get to be Lady B tomorrow night, right?” Right then and there we decided that when we were in the position to do a fundraising show, it would be a Flipped Show, starting with The Importance of Being Earnest. The show would be a playful nod at community theatre, where no matter what happens, the show MUST go on!”

482826_511373372241774_947558964_nAnd there you have it folks! A show idea was born, and this month, April 27-30, 2017 it comes to life. So come see the show. You will find us at the Belfry Playhouse (downstairs at Norcross Presbyterian Church, 3324 Medlock Bridge Rd. Please keep in mind that the show is running only one weekend and it is a fundraiser as we prepare for our summer musical, Fiorello, which will finish out our “Death and Taxes” season. Be sure to get your tickets for The Importance of Being Ernest now!